Trollface Quest 3

trollface quest 3Trollface quest 3 has the same concept like the Trollface 1 or 2. It is a point and clicks strategy and puzzle game. The game tests the skills in problem solving and these skills are tested through making you think something which is not that obvious and you should find the solution to the puzzle which is out of the box.


An example is at the level 10, at this level, you should make the stick man to cross a wide river and he should jump using the stepping stones. This may look easy but if you do not use the right stepping stone, you may step on the alligator accidentally.  Another example that can show you how tricky this game may be, is when you play the checkers game with Trollface.  You are not supposed to win since if you win, he is going to pour the boiling water over you.  The game comes with a bonus round at the end of the game. When you have been able to complete all the 30 levels successfully you will get this bonus round. The previous versions had only 20 levels.

trollface quest 3


The game has two types of controls. You can use the mouse to complete every level or you can use the P if you want to pause the game.

Like the old version, you are able to toggle the music off or on. In addition to this, in this version, you may also toggle the graphics to be between medium, low or high quality.

The graphics of the Trollface quest 3 are the same as the previous version but for this game, they are more pleasing to the eye. They have now more color schemes with the image quality that it is higher compared to the old versions.

This new version may auto save itself according to the level map and the locations. It uses the cookies to know where you have reached so that when you close the window and when you reopen it, the game is going to pick up where you have left it.

trollface quest 3

Game Play

When you play and you hit the landmine, you will have to restart the game. When you get the file where it is written click on me and you click on it, you will also bust since you should not click on it.  You should click outside yandere simulator. When you find the girl, you should not throw the apple to her but you should eat it. When the troll is in the ocean but you will not have to take him out but you should get the drainage hole to take him out.  When you find the wall, you should not hit it but you should move around it. When you find a plant with poison and a jar behind it, you should not add the poison first but you should add the content of the jar three times and add the poison and turn it into the troll.  When you find the troll with the finish line, you do not have to take the troll to the finish line but bring the finishing line to hit instead.